Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dad's 51st Birthday

Yesterday was his 51st birthday.
We weren't allowed to bring any flowers or balloons.
All I could bring with me into ICU were my sweet embraces and over the top kisses.
I held his hand the entire time I was there.
I held back tears and swallowed about a trillion lumps of coals in my throat.
I asked questions and he nodded.
He moved his hands freely and wiggled his feet to show me he was feeling better.
But unlike me he couldn't restrain his tears.
He quickly wiped them away and just continued to smile.
He moved his lips but not a peep came out.
He just had a tracheotomy procedure done two days ago so we won't be hearing his tender voice for weeks.
I spent my evening with the strongest person I know.
Happy birthday Dad! We love you oh so much. Your balloons and flowers are waiting for you at home.
Come home soon.

"God is my strength and power; and he maketh my way perfect." Samuel 2 22:55

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Carmen Lee said...

I'm holding back mine while I read this. :/ Happy Birthday to your dad!