Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alex's 9th Birthday

Oh how time flies by. . . I sometimes lay in bed and I just watch you in awe. I've watched you grow and yet I feel like I haven't. The days just pass on by and the nights are just as rapid. I've held you in every way and yet it's never enough. You are now old enough to get angry at me but I'll never be too old or too tired to try to change that. Because your smile gets me through my days and you are what my heart desires. I never feel alone because I have your hands to hold and your cheeks to kiss. You are the most important being to me in this life and/or any other life that is to follow. I will always wear my shining armor to protect you from others. I will always fight for you and I will always win. Because you are my heart and it wouldn't beat without you. I love you Damian Alexander. Happy 9th birthday.

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