Monday, January 20, 2014

Prep Till You Die

I would like to congratulate myself for this tiny stepping stone. I am sick and tired and then sick again of not looking the greatest when I'm half naked. I want to stand in front of a mirror and just think to myself, "Gahd damn, that's one hot piece of ass." I look at myself now and it's like a bad fortune cookie message, "Sure my stomach could be a little or alot more toned. These thighs aren't Jada Pinkett tight. Why do my boobs look so squishy? This isn't a double chin, it's just the way my head is positioned." Anyhow, this prepping stuff should save me a few hours a day from actually cooking. Knowing myself I'll probably get bored of my meals and end up eating out. I'm trying really hard not to do that. C'mon Perla! Get it together! Uh bye.

1 comment:

Carmen Lee said...

I'm proud of you Perla Keep it up!