Monday, February 24, 2014

He's Stronger Than Me

I'm such a creep. It's the middle of the night and I watch him sleep. And then I decide to capture it with my cell phone's camera. He doesn't even know it. He's grown so much. He had two extractions this Friday. One molar and one extra tooth. I would much rather give birth to him, over and over again, then to see him in such agony. His whole tiny body shook and I was squeezing his hand more than he was mine.
 I am mess when it comes to him. I can't sometimes. They gave him one shot in his lower gum and then four on the roof of his mouth, where the extra tooth started growing. I am a freak about needles. It took five nurses to held me down when I was getting vaccinated as a child. And he did it all on his own. Sure I had to pep talk him into it for about 35 minutes but he didn't need anyone holding him down. And to reward him (because I felt horribly bad) I bought him a PS Vita. And his dad bought him a game to go along with it. And he's just this tiny tree that sways when the wind blows. But he's so strong and nothing breaks him. Sure he gets his attitude once in a while but what normal child doesn't. I just hope he loves me forever. And I hope he lets me squeeze his hand for years to come. I love you Damian Alexander!!!!!!!!!

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