Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Motivation is Fuel to My Fire

Today my sister told me something that made me feel some type of way - a prosperous kind of way.

She said, "At first you started Crossfit to lose weight, to tone - now it's just your lifestyle. You do it because you love it! You eat better and you have days where you treat yourself to something that you wouldn't eat everyday. I know it's a mental thing at first, but now it's just something you do like driving a car. You don't put much thought into it - you just drive."

I'm just glad she didn't use the word obsessed. Yes it's an obsession but it's not a horrid one!!!! I'm not obsessed with chocolate or cheesecake!!! It's weights and cardio and everything else that makes Crossfit so vigorously great. Choose your obsessions wisely.

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