Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh Thy Sister TBT


So. . .

1. My sister didn't get a red balloon. Can you tell she's unhappy about that?
2. My sincere love for cats was bestowed upon me by my mother at an early age.
3. I've always been really small. Height wise. We look like fucking twins here.
4. Why does Pooh have his paw on me and not on my sister? Creepy fuck.
5. Please disregard the push pin hole on Pooh's lower jaw. It was completely unintentional.
6. I have great clavicles here.
7. I now find it awkward that Pooh doesn't wear pants.
8. I really enjoy Betty's face here.
9. Our mother made us do it.
10. What ever happened to stringy string? I got stuck with a balloon on a stick.
11. I love my sister with all my heart and intangible soul.
12. Piece of pie, piece of cake has been our thing ever since we saw that movie Enough. I was roughly 15yrs old and she was 13.

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