Saturday, January 10, 2015

Planeful Thoughts

As I sat on the plane, head leaning against the cold window pane, I thought to myself, "this is the closest I'll be to heaven, closest I'll ever be to my Father."

Funny thing about death is thinking and contemplating when death will come for you. I think about it almost every day. Not in a gory, gruesome way. Not in a depressed matter. But in a sense that eventually I won't exist anymore and I have to mend things here on Earth before parting.

I utter a few kind words every morning and I recite a few truthful words at night, just in case death decides to sweep me off my feet unexpectedly, as it usually does, I'll be spiritually prepared. And then I'll be on my journey to whatever after life comes after this life.

The enormous faith I have in my God allows me to look forward to another day, another night. Patiently awaiting the day I'm reunited with my father.

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