Friday, February 19, 2016

Hey Dad

I miss hearing you whistle your favorite songs at 6am in the morning and your midnight trips to the fridge. I miss fighting you for cookies and ice cream. I miss cleaning up after you and scolding you for not putting up the toilet seat. I miss your scent and the way you would sit in your favorite chair. I miss how you would lay on the couch, with your eyes half closed, listening to a soccer game. I miss helping you up in the mornings and picking you up when you had a bad fall. I miss visiting you at the hospital and laying on your chest while you slept. I miss hearing you tell your crazy chicken stories. I miss helping you drink out of straw when you couldn't. I miss how angry you would get over things at times. I even miss our arguments. I miss seeing your face. I miss coming home to you.


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