Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

It's been pretty hectic around here but the dust is finally starting to settle down. It's hard driving passed all these houses and seeing all their belongings out in the street. Most of it is furniture, mattresses, and crumbled drywall. But just imagine losing almost everything you've worked for over night. That's literally what happened here, many Houstonian's went to bed that Saturday night just to find their world crumbling down the following morning.

I am grateful that my family and friends were not drastically affected by hurricane Harvey. Sure my brother lost his car but he still has a home. My son's father had a few inches of water inside his house, most of the drywall had to be removed and a few things were tossed out but he's grateful it wasn't more than that. In a very fucked up way, that's the only way you can positively look at something so catastrophic. . . you take what you have left and you tell yourself that it could've been worst.

I am thankful for first responders, like my sister, who worked 12 hour shifts, patrolling the streets and trying to keep the peace within the city. I am grateful for our City for quickly putting together shelters for those who have lost everything. For all the Houstonian's who have donated not just physical items or money but their time to shelters and evacuee centers, thank you, thank you so much.

Stay strong Houston!

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