Monday, June 1, 2020


Our country has shifted from a pandemic to protests and riots, over something that occurs too regularly in our country. It’s not easy for me to comment on this subject for one very important reason: I’m not black. But it’s even worse if I sit here in silence and don’t weight in on this subject. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Racism has been an ongoing occurrence in this country since, well. . . always! This doesn’t go back ten years, twenty years, thirty years; racism was founded with this country when it was colonized as the New World by Europeans.

They introduced slavery into this country and made it normal for blacks to be mistreated. Hatred towards the color of the skin of another individual isn’t something that’s imbedded in our genes, this evilness is introduced at home – by the person who is responsible for your upbringing. Racism is taught!

How many times has this been brought up to our attention? How many times have black individuals try to protest this in a civil way? How many more black men and women need to die for our government to act? How many more buildings need to burn? How many more innocent people must die? Enough is enough. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Race plays a huge factor in this country. I, myself, a Mexican American, have been a victim of racism in this country. I’ve been called every name in the book: wetback, beaner, spic, mojo, Jenny from the Block (that was a new one for me). I’ve been outcasted for not being white enough and paid less at a job because of my ethnicity.

The color of your skin can open many doors for you, or it can also lead to a dead end. If you’re not white, you have to work ten times, one hundred times harder to get somewhere in this country. Nothing is handed over to you, there is no silver platter.

But I have never thought to myself, "Will the color of my skin determine if I live to see another day?" I have never thought to myself, NOT ONCE, if I run in this neighborhood, I might get murdered, this traffic stop will get me killed, wearing this hoody and walking down this dark road will get me shot.

Those thoughts have never crossed my mind. And that’s difference between the racism I have experienced, and the racism black individuals experience in this country every single day. Their lives are constantly on the line. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Our law enforcement needs to do better. There cannot be some bad apples in that profession. Once they cross that line, the repercussion of their actions need to be escalated, they need to be held at a higher standard. They are sworn in to protect us, to honor and serve the public. Their badge should not be used as a shield that keeps them from being prosecuted.

And it’s hard for me to say that, because I have a sister who’s a police officer. But I don’t worry about her ending up on the news for kneeling on someone’s neck until they can’t breathe – we were raised better than that. I worry for her safety and for what she stands for, which is holding the blue line with her brothers and sisters. I worry about all the good law enforcement out there just doing their day to day job.

I don’t stand for what happened to George Floyd. I don’t stand for racism. I kneel for equality and justice.

So, this roots back to your upbringing, this roots back to your parental guidance at home. Teach your children to love others for who they are, not for the color of their skin. Teach your children to love and not to hate another person because they look or act different than them. Teach them to be respectful, and to treat others the way they want to be treated. Be the light this world needs when it’s slowly drowning in darkness. I believe humanity can only be saved by humanity and the grace of God.


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